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TC01-A-Spoons      10
TC01-B-Pans 10
TC01-C-Cookset 10
TC01-D-Milkjugs 10
TC01-E-Pots 10

Refrigerator Magnets Complete Set of 5 pieces, Copper.

Imagine the surprise the next time someone special ask you to rattle some pots and pans! LOL ! :)

Handmade copper MINI spoons, pots and pans and others with wood and brass handles. Mini Cookware Fridge Magnets hang from a wooden rack. These are actual itens NOT CUT OUTS. They are hand formed just like the original full sized models! These cut mini itens measure from 4 to 3 inches.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Seen a lot of Fridge Magnets but never one made of real copper and wood and at plastic prices! Cool!

Let this small beauty find a place on your fridge!

We handle each order personally. We understand buying online because we have done tons of it. So we designed selling online to meet 'our' buying attitude!

This is why we selected paypal to handle your payments.

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