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Inside the new power dynamics roiling Fox, Breitbart and the Wall Street Journal.

Green may be the color of wealth, but the popularity of your animated faves might be pegged to yellow.

A mini-investigation into the origins of a bizarre myth.

Chances are, you don’t need a ton of dress shoes. So make sure the pair you do own is solid. Ace Marks is the #1 shoe campaign in Kickstarter history because their direct-to-consumer model means their Italian leather shoes, which would be $600+ in the department store, cost you less than $200.

Bombs over Baghdad? Largely ineffectual.

On the surface, "Petscop" appears to be a peppy animal collecting game that was never officially released. Hiding underneath that, though, is a dark and fucked up game that references real-life child killings.

Find all the best new longform writing on the internet right here.

Is there any non-lethal pain in the animal kingdom Coyote won't subject himself to? We're just asking from a place of concern for his wellbeing.

Americans may change their vote because of economic fear, or defense policy, or to protect their property or social privileges. But they do not vote because the ice caps are melting.

The series’ satirical slant on America is most relatable when seen through the eyes of a newcomer.

In Saskatchewan, Canada, a herd of 150 cattle has chosen, for some fascinating reason, to follow a beaver that's not even tall enough to reach their knees.

When Hanne Gaby Odiele revealed she was intersex earlier this year, it was a chance for her to give voice to something she’d always been told to hide.

About 100 scientists met in Washington, DC Thursday to learn how to win an election.

Ben Chancey was fishing for giant grouper off the Florida coast, and got a lot more than he bargained for.

What transformed this soft-spoken man into a tyrant so desperate to hold on to power that he would eventually gas his own people to do so?

"We're very excited for the prospects of life around M dwarfs."

We have no idea what caused the ferry to slam into the sea wall, but let's hope no one got seriously injured by this.

How a small company in Thailand came to dominate the shady market of consumer spyware.

Macron, 39, a political novice, now becomes the favorite to be elected as France’s next president. He is the youngest ever French presidential hopeful and has never run for election before.

Ben Ketola rolled 12 strikes in only 86.9 seconds, the same amount of time it takes to microwave a bag of popcorn.

Using classic KGB tactics, security officers lured gay men into traps and tortured them into giving up the identities of others like them.

A boring juice product sold itself as the next great technology phenomenon. There was only one way things could go.

First, forget to vent your cask. Then, before you hammer the tap all the way in, break something for pre-geyser embarrassment.

The first thing to note is that almost nowhere in the country is it cheapest to build a new coal plant.

The flying cars that we’ve been dreaming about for decades are not here yet, and we already have very unreasonable expectations.

Instead of outsourcing to an expensive ad agency learn how to build your own brand.

An atlas of 44 world maps examines the relationship between fast-growing cities and the world’s most precious ecological hotspots.

Travis Kalanick’s drive to win in life has led to a pattern of risk-taking that has put his ride-hailing company on the brink of implosion.

The Delorean is more than a time-travelling car: it's an active agent that prevents time paradoxes from unraveling the time-space continuum in the "Back to the Future" universe.

All the ideas that seemed original to Trump’s campaign could, in fact, be attributed to Buchanan — from depicting the political class as bumbling stooges to singling out a rising superpower as an economic menace (though back then it was Japan, not China).

The actor was just 21 when the Oscar-winning film made him a star. He talks about dealing with bullies and racism, and why he’ll never become too Hollywood.

The descriptions of God range from a frog with a lion's face to just a guy wearing a bathrobe.

In 2014, #Girlboss became the young woman's career bible, with Sophia Amoruso its imperfect hero. Now, Amoruso is doubling down on career-focused feminism with a new media company. The only problem: Feminism has changed. A lot.

No one wants murder videos on Facebook. But no one wants Facebook to censor their baby videos, either.

It might take you hours of sweat and toil, but hey, you could, if you choose to, run all your applications using only Microsoft's PowerPoint.

Emerging science is putting the lie to American meritocracy.

While most of the world is migrating to cities, growing numbers of metropolitan Italians are taking up farming.

After experiencing engine failure in the air, the pilot managed to crash land relatively smoothly, considering the circumstances.

Their audience didn't understand them. Their label didn't want to talk to them. Not to worry: For the Beastie Boys, it was a brand-new morning.

"There's Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, Wartortle, Charmeleon to Charizard, then Pikachu, Exeggcute, Raichu and Staryu, Gyarados from Magikarp."

The artwork, said UK tabloids of the time, was haunted.

Nudity, or Freikörperkultur, has long been a part of public life in Germany. Can it withstand an era of increasing globalization and tech?

It’s not just about politics; it’s about preparing the next generation workforce for the inevitable explosion of the clean-tech economy.

An ad in the American Weekly Mercury in February of 1720 promised 350 tickets would be sold, for 20 shillings a piece. The prize? "A new brick house, corner of Third and Arch," in Philadelphia.

Arkansas has scrambled to complete these executions before the end of the month as their supply of midazolam, one of the key drugs commonly used in lethal injections, is set to expire.

Back in the '90s, actress Rachael Leigh Cook tried to dissuade kids from trying heroin by smashing an egg representing "your brain" with a frying pan. Now she's back with a more evidence-based message. Same frying pan, though.

Neil deGrasse Tyson gives a strong, impassioned speech to science deniers: "You don’t have the option to say you don’t believe E=mc^2. It’s true whether or not you believe it."

Inside Walmart’s curious, possibly ingenious effort to get customers to build up their savings accounts.

"Sharing your thoughts" takes on new meaning as Facebook and Elon Musk dive into your neurons.