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The retail sector has long had a huge impact on American employment — and checkout-line technology is putting it at risk.

After the 2015 massacre in Charleston, public officials began removing public tributes to the Confederacy. Will the violence in Charlottesville convince them to finish the job?

In a surprise interview with leftist magazine The American Prospect, Bannon contradicts Trump's strategy on North Korea and distances himself from the white nationalist movement.

RXBAR is a whole food protein bar made with a handful of clean, all-real ingredients. No gluten, no dairy and no added sugar. The best part? It actually tastes good. Check them out now and get 12 for $20.

In a 20-minute call with Digg, Cantwell said his social accounts have been deleted and that he's received death threats.

In an email to Apple employees late Wednesday, chief executive Tim Cook denounced the deadly violence in Charlottesville last weekend, criticized President Trump’s response and pledged to donate $2 million to organizations battling hate groups.

The TRAPPIST-1 system of exoplanets doesn't just have the potential to support life — it has some interesting musical implications too.

After a long exile, Socialism is re-entering the mainstream.

A Canadian woman got an extra carrot with her diamond ring when it was found in her vegetable patch 13 years after she lost it.

Why move when dinner's coming straight to you?

Because life is too short for tap.

How does a boxer keep fighting after nearly killing an opponent in the ring? For part-timer Jose Haro, the answer lies between his love and hate for the sport.

Damn, this product is cool. And daaaamn, we wish we'd had this all summer long. One of the most innovative products to hit the waves, the full face design lets you breathe naturally, while the GoPro mount makes it easy to capture stunning footage.

Eddie Huang tried to have a measured conversation over dinner with white supremacist Jared Taylor during his "HUANG'S WORLD" tour of Washington, DC. And, of course, Taylor had some truly awful things to say.

These days, it can be hard to tell where sincere outrage ends and political positioning begins.

Senko Hanabi are sparklers that burn far slower than your standard store-bought firework.

Ah, that tender young age when you have no idea what's happening, but you swear you had a cracker two seconds ago.

One of the most important relationships of your professional (and personal) life can be as a mentor or mentee. Why don’t we talk about it more?

In fact, you'll want to use them right now. If only same-minute shipping was a thing.

Jeremy Gabrysch put up a camera in their living room because his kid kept getting up in the middle of the night to watch TV. The kid was not to be deterred, even if he didn't quite understand how a wide-angle lens works.

After Andrew Yoon drowned, his mother and best friend fought for control of the board game he created.

Why humpback whales rescue seals and why volunteering for beach cleanups improves your health.

"For a seven-year-old, I've had a good run. Might as well call it quits now."

For centuries, humanity's dead bodies have been either buried or cremated. Now, a growing movement is advocating for a cleaner, more sensitive alternative.

Once a year, kids from around the world gather to compete at high-speed spreadsheets.

All the Trump news you need to read today.

"I’m aware of the defendant and I hate him."

Are health trackers imparting a permanent psycho-awareness of our bodies?

Why the industry’s double gender gap matters.

The story of the most flagrant mistake in the modern history of sports journalism begins with a 21-year-old editor. His name is Kris Freeman.

Each state (plus Washington DC) as represented by a single movie. Did your home state get a bonafide classic or a dreadful dud?

There's no longer any avoiding the question. We all know now just how dangerous the game can be. So, do you let your kid risk it all — his health, his brain — just because he wants to play?

If you're going to steal some fancy technology, maybe, uhhh, pick something that doesn't record video of you and send it to the owner's phone?

Fashion has long embraced "Peanuts" — but in 2017, the gang is everywhere.

Strange, soothing—whatever you call it, millions of young women all over the world have been watching it, making it, and raking in money from it this year.

You've probably had a leg cramp before. You probably haven't had one like this.

Studies of infants at risk for autism have not yielded a test to predict who will eventually be diagnosed. But they have transformed our understanding of the condition.

In 1961, the Soviet Union tested a nuclear bomb so powerful that it would have been too big to use in war. And it had far-reaching effects of a very different kind.

To put Trump's comments in context, read these seven pieces of reporting, commentary and analysis.

Some people spend their vacations lounging by the pool. These crazy fools head to the mountains of Norway and jump right off of them.

In Germany and the Netherlands, the majority of women seeking hymenoplasty are young Muslim women. We speak to doctors about the rising demand for the controversial procedure.

If you could go back in time and show this video to every person who tried to strap wings on their arms and flap their way to human flight, they'd be very, very embarrassed.

Souad Mekhennet’s thrilling tale of late-night rendezvous, burner phones, and secret codes — and her quest to reveal the man in black.

From rooftop dog parks to machine learning elevators, WIRED gets rare access to Amazon's offices in Seattle

Forget what you've heard: anchors aren't actually responsible for holding a boat in place.

Investigators in Washington have tried for decades to identify a teenage girl who was brutally killed near a lake. They might finally succeed with genealogy websites.

On Wednesday, two more CEOs left Trump's manufacturing council, and his business council decided to disband and condemn Trump. Trump announced his decision to dissolve both councils shortly afterward.

It's a Friday afternoon on a perfect summer day, and you're ready to escape the city. Just how fast could you get out? If you picked up your keys and hit the road, here's where you could end up.

The beer Olympics are dead. Welcome to the beer Masters.