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North Korea's nuclear missile progress has stunned the world. Here are some of the scientists behind it.

Unless lowriding in snowstorms in Detroit has always been your dream.

What did we do to deserve animals this pure and good?

If you have a credit card, chances are you aren’t getting all of the benefits. Sift detects everything you buy automatically, figures out the available price drops and protections for each purchase, and automatically makes claims on your behalf -- unlocking thousands of dollars’ worth of savings!

We could watch this on loop all day, no joke.

The unspoken question of endless browsing is "What do I need?" What I needed was less.

A Patek Philippe 5170P costs a boatload more than a (still very expensive!) Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch. Does it justify the difference?

Fecal transplants care caught in a legal limbo, even as they grow in popularity.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are told to avoid banned words and phrases like "fetus," "transgender," and "science-based" in budget documents.

What gets left behind in the wake of the California fires, the Guardian's shortlist of best photographers of the year, and the love and agony captured by Polaroids.

It's a long leap to go from buying an engagement ring to truly understanding the value of gems. Here's what you need to know.

An immune response in some pregnant women’s bodies may explain the "fraternal birth order effect."

Grab some sneakily affordable gifts while they'll still ship in time.

Watch clouds of fire bloom and decay in glorious slow motion 4K.

It's the widest-ranging reshaping of the tax code in three decades.

Last December, internet cartoonist Branson Reese made a pact to release a new comic every day at midnight, no matter what. One year later, he has done that, which is pretty cool. The only catch is his art is really freaking strange, and we mean that in the best way possible.

Storytelling sells scents.

The federal government’s boldest land grab in a generation produced the first border wall — and a trail of abuse, mistakes and unfairness.

One pulse from this 13 kilojoule ruby laser — which creator styropro says is "the strongest ruby laser on YouTube" — is enough to shatter a glass bottle.

Playwright Cori Thomas says Dustin Hoffman exposed himself to her when she was 16; she becomes the third woman to accuse the actor of sexual misconduct.

He puts on his club tracksuit. He heads upstairs, and takes a seat in the stands. His work is over before the game starts. His job, from that point on, is simply to watch.

These brushes operate at a dentist-cleaning level. Plus Beyonce and Jay Z use them, so you know they're good.

This goes about as miserably as you'd expect.

Users are swarming young girls and asking them to do inappropriate things. And the live-streaming app hasn't been able to stop them.

"What are you talking about? Of course I'm herding them, I'm not taking a break."

The misrepresentation of an entire age group has real consequences for how adults conceive of adolescence, and how teens measure themselves against it.

After 20 years of passive aggressive away messages and terrible flirting, AIM is leaving us for good. To honor its legacy, here are away messages from your favs.

Watching this huntsman spider spill out of its crusty old body like jello is a sight to behold.

2011 came close to having a sexual misconduct moment, one that was started by a low-wage woman’s complaint — the crucial element of rapt media attention was certainly there. But the culture wasn’t primed for it; the time wasn’t yet ripe.

Nestled into the steep slope of a mountain, this remarkable thousand-year-old village in northern Iran has evolved an unusual approach to open space: its rooftops double as public lanes and gathering places.

The battery to power this thing is going to be incredibly heavy and incredibly expensive.

All these families and their content are similar enough that it’s hard for the untrained eye to discern why any particular one has been anointed over others. Parents and children mug for their audience of millions with the same ageless, frenetic gaze.

Too often, a medical treatment can make matters worse. A bizarre epidemic in 1960s Japan should have set off alarms around the world.

Wallet, phone, keys, not leaving the car in reverse.

Don't make a scene. Look the other way. Social discomfort has long been used to maintain the status quo.

"If adults experienced and enacted the full range of feelings available to an average toddler in the course of a day, they would collapse from emotional exhaustion."

A well-executed football hurdle is a thing of beauty, and this, from Denver's Devontae Booker, is top shelf.

Thanks for the meme-ories.

"What was the last time you read the Federal Rules of Evidence?" "... All the way through?"

When abstract geometry meets the beauty of ballet.

The first episode of the Streaming Wars is over. The rebels won. Now the empire strikes back.

He felt he was "made for this moment." But now, on the verge of achieving his long-sought legislative dream, he's got his eyes on the exits.

Luckily the mailman wasn't injured, but he probably had a pretty crappy rest of the day.

The reality of bitcoin, exposed by its remarkable run-up in value over the last three months, is that the science may not hold together.

Inside the passionate culture of thought leadership on the hardest-working social network.

Unlike surreptitiously lifting gummy bears from Walmart, the act of stealing a book reveals a lot about the character, or at least the literary tastes, of the thief.

The Eufy robot vacuum outperforms other higher-priced models in tests. You can schedule it to clean when you're not home, and it will return to its dock to charge after cleaning. It typically costs $399, but is on sale for $259.

We turned to mathematicians, physicists and engineers to find out why the lights are so frustrating — and how to improve them.

You've waited two years for this. Hopefully, reading some spoiler-free thoughts on the film will help you pass the time until "The Last Jedi" hits theaters this Friday.